Saturday 23 February 2013

Elephant stable visit and Elephant ride

Elephant stable visit and Elephant ride during my tour - Day tours from cruise ship

During your tour from Kochi to Kodanad, you can try your hands into an elephant safari. There is an elephant training center. This center is the biggest elephant training center in the whole southern region of India. Elephants are basically trained for riding and to do heavy works which is out of human reach such as exploring the jungles, transporting logs of woods etc. 

Apart from the elephant training center, Kochi to Kodanad excursion offers you a small zoo where you can explore the various wildlife of the region. The place is a perfect venue for organizing a picnic with your near and dear ones. Children like this place very much for they get to see various animals. 

But the main attraction of Kochi to Kodanad tour in Kerala is the elephant ride. So do not forget to explore the jungles on the back of these huge beasts for you would not get such chance any where else in the region. 

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